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San Antonio Personal Trainers is your guide for general fat loss, rapid physique transformation, competition prep, sports and athletic performance enhancement, functional training and nutritional program design. Our guide will help you browse trainers in your area.

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Discover a certified personal fitness trainer who has the expertise you’re looking for to help you get results you've always wanted.

Sonya Roemisch

At You-nique Physique, we go beyond weight training and nutrition. We also offer, One-on-One Pilates, and One-on-One Reformer/Transformer training.

Shannon Sutton

With each new client, Sutton performs a more or less standard fitness and nutrition assessment that includes questions which help find the best plan for your health.

William Parker

William Parker

When men and women learn WingTsun™, they develop a fresh, new awareness of their body and a heightened sense of confidence in all situations.